Unite Austin 2017 - Understanding GPU Budgets in Mobile Game Development

I had the pleasure to be invite from ARM team and join them in a talk about optimization using Mali performance tools.  We provide a practical example of how we implemented those techniques to achieve optimal performance in our  VR game, Lila's Tale.
Roberto Lopez Mendez (Senior Software Engineer, Arm)
Rafael Ferrari (Co-Founder, Skullfish Studios)

Finding Monsters VR and Rococo VR - 2015/16

When I worked at Black River Studios/Samsung, I had a chance to share our adquire early knowledge on VR development in a couple of talks, like Unite and Vision Summit.

Rafael Ferrari (Lead VR Engineer/Black River Studios)
Gabriela Thobias (VR UI Designer/Black River Studios)

Geek - Netflix - 2018

In 2018, I was one of the guests to be part of one of the episodes in the Geek series (Episode 02), from Netflix.

https://www.netflix.com/title/80243859 (it might not be available outside of Brazil)